Body Modification

I believe that all consensual body modifications are beautiful. Why would anyone care what someone else does to feel at home in their own skin?

“By using your body, modifying your body, you can go into [different] states of consciousness and discover the true nature of life and yourself.” -Fakir Musafar

“I feel that some piercings reflect the personality, and those are more like haircuts or styles of clothing that you embrace. Other piercings are supposed to be there. When you look in the mirror, you don’t look different so much as same somehow, as if it has been there all along.” -John Cobb

“Our bodies are apt to be our autobiographies.” -Frank Gillette Burgiss

“When you open the flesh, you let something in.” -Alex Binnie

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alert to dumb people:


your ears aren’t supposed to bleed when you stretch them. 

it doesn’t make you look cool when you say your lobes bled when you stretched them, it just makes you look like an idiot. 

please educate yourself before you fuck your ears up beyond repair.

actually, do whatever you want. they’re your goddamn ears. but don’t cry when your lobes look like a cat’s asshole, you asshole. 

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Any Way I Am


I am a modified woman

I am strange hair,

Split tongues,

Stretched ears.

I am a modified woman

With piercings

And dermals,


And scars.

I am a modified woman,

And society sees that as bad.

Yet aren’t all women modified?

With hair dyed a prettier shade,

With breasts just a little perkier,

With heels to make a bum look better.

I am a modified woman,

But I refuse to modify myself

To society’s perception

Of what being

A Woman


I am a modified woman.

And I am beautiful

Any way I am.      


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"This might not be accurate, but when I was in college and stretching my ears seven years ago, in Toronto 0 gauge ears were not that common and usually noticed. My humanities professor told me a story about a tribe in Africa where the stretching of your lobes represented knowledge gained through listening. If done correctly, and done over time, you showed years of knowledge obtained from listening to elders with much larger lobes and much more knowledge than you. If you went too fast though, you would mess up your ears and look like someone who was passing themselves off as falsely knowing more than everyone else… the village idiot."

 Philip Barbosa (BMEzine)

my lobes have grown along with me, my knowledge, and my experiences.

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THIS PERSON. THANK YOU. you don’t know how often I tell people this. And how often those little fucks ignore it.

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